K-tape & Rigid Taping

What is
rigid taping used for?

Rigid taping is primarily used on joints such as ankles, knees, wrists, elbows and shoulders. The role of the tape is to physically support the joint by limiting movement. The tape is primarily used in returning to sport after a joint sprain, for example an ankle sprain. It provides support and stability that gives the athlete confidence within the joint.

What is Kinesiology tape used for?

Kinesiology tape also known as ‘K-tape’ is used to add extra support to muscles or joints that need it. For example, if you have Achilles tendonitis, kinesiology taping might help you.

It works entirely differently to rigid tape. The tape is quite stretchy and is applied in a stretched position. Because it is stretched, it bunches once applied. This bunching lifts up the different layers of skin, fascia and muscles which encourages blood flow and lymph drainage within the area.

It has gained popularity in recent years with athletes for treating muscular injuries because it often enables them to continue competing while an injury is still healing. Studies on athletes have shown that when K-tape is used on fatigued muscles, performance improves.

K-tape lifts the skin away from the injury site, which encourages blood flow and in turn aids the natural recovery process. It can also help take the pressure off pain receptors and therefore relieve pain and encourage natural movement.

Who is
Kinesiology tape for?

Those with acute soft tissue injuries (muscle strains, ligament sprains or bruising).

Athletes to help achieve peak performance and protect against injury.

To support weak zones – adding extra support to muscles and joints.

Re-educating or re-training muscles that have lost function.


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