Feel better every day

At Fitlife Sports Massage, we believe that true wellness goes beyond just feeling good. It’s about embracing a whole body approach to health that includes good nutrition, quality sleep, proper hydration, and regular massage therapy. Let’s break down how each of these elements contributes to your overall wellbeing and why remedial and deep tissue massage should be a vital part of your routine.

Good nutrition

Eating well is the foundation of good health. Everyone knows this, it’s nothing new but what does it really mean if you live a busy life? Here are a few tips:

  • Cut out takeaway/fast food.
  • Every time you put food in your mouth make sure it consists of protein, carbs and fats (for example snack on a piece of fruit and nuts).
  • If it comes in a packet and has a long shelf life – cut it out or limit how much you consume.
  • Fresh is always best.

Quality sleep

Some people can function on as little as five hours of sleep—yes, it’s true. However, the key word here is “function,” not “thrive.” More sleep significantly enhances memory, learning ability, stress management and mental clarity. Additionally, sufficient sleep allows your muscles to repair and recover more effectively. If you’re skeptical, I highly recommend reading “Why We Sleep” by neuroscientist Matthew Walker. It’s an excellent resource that translates complex science into engaging and relatable language.

Proper hydration

Drink at least two litres of water per day. Measure it—you’ll be surprised how little you actually drink when caught up in daily life! Sometimes, two litres won’t be enough, especially if it’s hot or you’re engaged in physical activity. Consider using hydration supplements sparingly if you’ve been working out, or working hard. As a side note, almost no one needs Powerade or other mass-marketed sports drinks—they contain too much sodium and sugar (not to mention the preservatives and food dyes).

Massage therapy

Massage therapy, especially remedial and deep tissue massage, plays a significant role in overall health. These types of massages target deep layers of muscle and connective tissue to relieve chronic tension, reduce pain and improve mobility. They can also help settle the nervous system to help you cope better with the stress in your life.

Refer you to the right professional

At Fitlife Sports Massage, we understand that our clients come to us with various pain points, some of which may require specialised attention from other healthcare professionals. If we identify that your issue could be better addressed by another expert, we won’t hesitate to refer you to the right specialist. For instance, we might suggest you see a physiotherapist or chiropractor for specific conditions. Our primary goal is to enhance your quality of life so you feel better every day.

If you haven’t visited us in a while and are dealing with some pain points, now is the perfect time to book an appointment. Schedule your session today – fitlifesportsmassageperth.com.au/book-online.

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