Crush your fitness goals in 2024

Have you decided to get in shape and stay healthy in 2024? Well, you’re not alone! About 72 per cent of Aussies have set New Year’s resolutions and ladies are leading the charge, with 74 per cent setting goals compared to 70 per cent of men.

Tanya Brabin, owner at Fitlife Sports Massage says that many people don’t stick to their goals for the New Year as they set the bar too high.  

 “Gym memberships soar in January and February at the start of the New Year and by March many people haven’t even stepped a foot into the gym.

“The key to seeing a difference and meeting your goals is to set regular, smaller and manageable goals.

“Rome wasn’t built in one day, so in order to get where we want to be, we have to take small steps.

“You can start with walking for just ten minutes a day, rather than going to the gym. Then you can build this up – if you power walk for ten minutes a day you will feel fitter and healthier and if eating right you can also see a difference around your waist.”

Another downfall to achieving your goals is pushing too hard and ending up with an injury. Tanya’s advice is to warm-up before you work out, stretch and consider a deep tissue massage for better performance and fewer injuries. The most common injuries —knee, hip, shin pain, muscle tears and sprained ankles—are completely avoidable!

Tanya suggests the following to avoid injuries:

  • Warm up properly. Set off walking, then power walk before breaking into a very gentle jog and then a full run.
  • Wear the right foot gear.
  • Mobilise and stretch before any workout – we have some great stretching videos available to view for free on our website –
  • Take a yoga or Pilates class once a week to assist with mobility and prevent any longer-term injuries.

Embark on your 2024 fitness journey with confidence, armed with these great tips from Tanya to make it your healthiest and most successful year yet!

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